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‘Quilling’ an Amazing form of Paper Art


amazing quilling

Have you ever heard of quilling? It’s a craft that is done by coiling paper on its side to make decorations. It looks way cooler than it sounds. In this article you will have a complete tutorial on quilling technique.  1.Have the right supplies. Look at the things you’ll need section below. Some of the […]

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Amazing examples of PAPER ORIGAMI



Origami – fold paper. It’s up to you, what you want to do by just folding paper. As kid you probably enjoyed making plane by folding a paper. By adding some creativity together with a little cutting, folding, bending, shaping, you can change even the basic form of paper into utmost creative artworks.

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Amazing Book Sculpture- Paper Art



Books are some way termed as one’s best friends. For some they are assets on which depreciation is levied. But beyond your expectations we would like to show you some amazing artworks that you have ever seen, because of that it gets the appreciation on those art works made of old books. In this article […]

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Some of Amazing Sculptures made of PAPER MASHE by Great Artists


Paper Female Sculpture

It’s one of the areas of paper art which is hardly talked about. PAPER MASHE – forming an object by using paper with an adhesive binder. Almost anything can be created using paper mashe. Paper mashe is such an exciting artistic medium which is used in creating awesome designs and art pieces, one of the […]

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