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Some most amazing and creative staircase designs around the world



Everyone prefers to use the elevator or the escalators over stairs. Have you ever thought of ditching your beloved elevator and take up the stairs? I guess no!! Staircases have not really been thought of as an attractive element and they are usually there just to satisfy the need. But with the development in technology, it […]

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20 Amazing Rangoli Designs with Dots which help you to draw a perfect design


ganpati rangoli design

In this article, you’ll  see 20 beautiful rangoli designs. Using dots will help you to draw a perfect rangoli design quickly with no errors in shape and design. First make the dots with a chalk on the floor and use them to guide you to draw the curlicues and patterns. Fill the lines with coloured powders or […]

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Amazing! Magic created with the make-up

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Promise Tamang Phan

Promise Tamang Phan – The human chameleon: She transforms herself into any celebrity. She’s just a girl next door, until she puts on some makeup. With a few strokes of makeup brushes and intelligent conceptualization, 22-year-old Promise Tamang Phan from nepal can turn herself into any celebrity- be it actors angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, singer Taylor Swift or legendary King […]

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Some Amazing Designs of Embroidery



EMBROIDERY– In the present day time, when we think of old past times, it is seen that some of the old traditions are still in practice. In the old times, girls were taught sewing, stitching work and embroidery right from their adolescent age; this tradition holds good, though ion a limited way even in present […]

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More than 100‘s of Amazing Rangoli Designs and Patterns this Festive Season



What comes to your mind after hearing the word rangoli, I think it would be something with beautiful colors. And yes when different shapes are filled with different colors it is known to be rangoli. RANGOLI – A pattern made of different colors and shapes in a symmetrical manner. Rangoli plays a very crucial role […]

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Amazing examples of PAPER ORIGAMI



Origami – fold paper. It’s up to you, what you want to do by just folding paper. As kid you probably enjoyed making plane by folding a paper. By adding some creativity together with a little cutting, folding, bending, shaping, you can change even the basic form of paper into utmost creative artworks.

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Amazing Book Sculpture- Paper Art



Books are some way termed as one’s best friends. For some they are assets on which depreciation is levied. But beyond your expectations we would like to show you some amazing artworks that you have ever seen, because of that it gets the appreciation on those art works made of old books. In this article […]

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