Amazing and Incredible art on Egg Shells

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Egg is an important part of our food. Apart from its utility in our food, its shell is also used for creating beautiful art pieces. Eggshell Engravings are becoming more and more popular by each passing day. How amazing work is it? Artists carefully blow out the egg liquid, thoroughly wash it and then dry the empty eggshell and draw the eggshell carving pattern onto it. It makes me wonder, how they take the egg liquid out of the shell? How many do they break before they get one complete work of art?

In this article you will see some marvellous, appreciable and heart catching art work on egg shells. These rare and delicate works of art reflects the knowledge and skill needed to create such unique eggshell art.

egg-sculptures 1

egg-sculptures 2

egg-sculptures 3

egg-sculptures 4

egg-sculptures 5

egg-sculptures 6


egg-sculptures 8







egg-sculptures 15

Artist uses chicken, goose, duck even ostrich eggs and the end result is nothing less than perfect. What you say?

What do you think of these eggshell carvings? Which one is your favorite? Kindly comment below…

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  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! How can I learn how to do this?
    My fav is the celtic design, #5.

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