Amazing and realistic sculptures by Ron Mueck


Ronald “Ron” Mueck is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor working in the United Kingdom. Mueck’s work is always out of scale from reality. His figures are either oversized or undersized. They strive for super-realism, but there is a psychological confrontation between these two contradictory realities, the effort to deceive by perfection, and the obvious discrepancy of scale. Ron Mueck’s work is sculpture. He does not make models, giant or tiny puppets. He employs all the techniques of technological advance to create works of art.

In this article we showcase some of the masterpieces of Ron Mueck. You would be amazed to see his work.

woman with sticks
Woman with Sticks (2008), mixed media. 180 cm-high model of naked woman, bent backwards, carrying huge bundle of sticks.
big baby
Big Baby (1996), silicone, polyurethane, wood, synthetic hair. 85-cm-high model of baby with oversize eyes.



big boy
Big Baby II (1997), polyester resin, fiberglass, silicone, synthetic hair. 85 cm-high model of baby.


“Mask II” by Ron Mueck  (Sculpture, Mixed media, 30 38 x 46 12 x 33 12 in.)
Mask (Self Portrait)(1997) – eight-foot reproduction of Mueck’s own face, frowning.


mother n child
Mother and Child (2002), fibreglass, resin, silicone – 1/2 scale naked woman who has just given birth, the baby laid on her stomach with umbilical cord still attached and trailing to the woman’s womb.



baby boy head
Head of a Baby (2003), mixed media. Huge head of a baby.


Angel (1997), mixed media – a 1/3-scale boy seated on a tall stool, in a brooding pose looking down, sprouting wings made of real goose feathers.


Untitled (Big Man) (2000) – a nearly seven-foot sculpture of a naked, completely hairless, belligerent-looking man sitting with his knees drawn up and his elbows resting on his knees, his head in his hand. The work is designed to sit in a corner.



two women
Two Women (2005), mixed media. Two diminutive, clothed, elderly women, standing as though gossiping.


spooning couple
Spooning Couple (2005), mixed media. 1/2 scale of partially clothed middle-aged man and woman lying in ‘spooning’ position as if in bed – artist’s collection.


wild man
Wild Man (2005), mixed media. A nine-foot sculpture of a naked, bearded, fearful man clutching the stool he is seated on.


in the bed
In Bed (2005). Huge woman lying in bed, hand raised to her face in a contemplative pose.


Boy (2000), fibreglass, resin, silicone – a 5-metre-tall sculpture of a boy, crouching. First shown in the UK Millennium Dome exhibition. It is now owned by the art museum ARoS in the city ofAarhus, Denmark, who use it as a trademark piece.


What do you think of these sculptures and which one are your favorites? Kindly leave your comments below…

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