Some Amazing and Weird Contact Lenses


Eyes are said to be the window of one’s soul. It helps to judge one’s positive or negative mood signs towards us. In present times one can change his eye color according to his feelings too, in simple words, by wearing a Cosmetic Eye Contact Lens. Cosmetic Eye Contact Lens grew popular because of colored lenses.  Imagine what if someone staring at you with blood in his eyes?

In this article you are going to see some weird and unusual eye contact lenses…

contact-lenses bloodyeyes 01

contact-lenses 2

contact-lenses dollor 03

contact-lenses mickey mouse 04

contact-lenses cd 05

contact-lenses two in one 06

contact-lenses ring 07

contact-lenses mickey mouse 08

contact-lenses spiral 09

contact-lenses 10


contact-lensesyellow-leopard 12

contact-lenses blackskull 13

contact-lenses freakymouth 14

contact-lenses pureblue 15

contact-lenses halloween 16

contact-lenses scary 17

contact-lenses scary 18

contact-lenses 19

contact-lenses  soccer 20


What do you think of these contact lenses, which one is your favorites? Kindly leave your comments below…

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