Amazing Branding Collaterals done by Design Strokes – All must have a look


Design Strokes is an strategic design and branding boutique, driven by passion and what design can do. Design Strokes merge intellect with creativity. Design Strokes believe that the best solutions do more than provide answers; they open new and unexpected possibilities. Design Strokes‘s philosophy and creative process follows a distinctive conceptual approach in which critical thought, experimentation, and potential collaborations are key.

Design Strokes‘s strengths lie in offering a strategic and creative partnership that help brands to communicate, engage and grow, As designers they set out to make a difference to the companies and organizations they work with.

As a boutique design agency, they are all about personalized service to clients and out-of-the-box thinking.

The combination of 3 C’s — Creativity, Caliber and Cost Effectiveness — is their USP. Design Strokes believe every piece of design is a work of art and simplicity in design is the fundamental concept we work with.


Bercos Chinese Restaurant (India)
© Beer Mug Shaped Proposed Bar Menu Design & Print
Appin Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Software Packaging Box Design & Print
Katran- the design studio (Women Apprel Boutique)
Stationary & Invitation Card Design
Spicy Tadka Restaurant in Varanasi (INDIA)
Invitation Card Design & Print
Go Chaatzz.. Retaurant
Success Formula Poster and Indoor Branding Posters
Delta Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Note Pad Design & Print


Delta Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
T-shirt Design & Print


VERA Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil
Proposed Campaign Idea- Hoarding/Bill Board


Upcoming Sweets Brand MITHAI by Jiggs Kalra
Packaging Design


Acreaty Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
Business Card Design & Print


Go Chaatzz.. Retaurant
Order Chilies & Indoor Branding


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