100’s of Amazing and Creative Product Packaging This Festival Season

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First impressions make all the difference, especially in a fast-paced age when everyone is just too busy to take a step back to wait and see. But what kind of design will impress the consumers? What distinguishes products from one another is their packaging design. Most of the packaging designs we see are boring, the same square shaped boxes with names logos and generic details but kept on same shelf are some products with creative packaging designs attracting our attention. There is no thumb rule for packaging design; it can be cool creative, weird or unusual shape but it has to be something different.

In this article you will see 100’s of Amazing and Most Creative Product Packaging Ideas.

Tea Bags

Teabags packaging

(Image Source: Donkey Products)

Teabags packaging 7

Teabags packaging 4

Teabags packaging 3


Image Source: Yanko Design)

Teabags packaging 6

Teabags packaging 5


Sometimes the direct message just works, and it works really well.

(Image Source: VisualAdvice)


Really amazing design that strikes the eyes of the consumers, also probably one of the designs that deserve the consumer’s money.

(Image Source: FIRMA)

Rellana Wool

Thread packaging
The design of the Ogilvy Deutschland has the same packaging style as other similar designs, but the design of the package changes everything from plain to impressive. This probably shows you how important the creative design is.

(Image Source: WPP)


Earphone packaging
With the over-saturated earphone market, this kind of design is guaranteed to attract the consumer’s eyes.

(Image Source: Corinne Pant)

Hair Gel

The best packaging design could be the design that shows off the msot amazing feature that the product offers.

(Image Source: The Dieline Awards)

Tissue paper

Tissue packaging 2

Tissue packaging 0


(Image Source: Hiroko Sanders)

Tissue packaging 3

 Anti Theft Lunch Bags

anti theft lunch bags packaging 2

anti theft lunch bags packaging 1


Bags Packaging

Bags packaging 1


Bags packaging 2

Bags packaging 3


Bottle Packaging

Wine packaging 1

Wine packaging 2

Beer packaging



Bobby Pins Packaging

bobby pin


Juices and Drinks Packaging

Bottle packaging 1


Juice packaging

Bread and Buns Packaging

Bread packaging 4

Bread packaging 2

Bread packaging 3

Bread packaging 1


Brush Packaging

Brush packaging 0

Butter Packaging

Butter packaging 1

Butter packaging 3

Yogurt Packaging

youghurt packaging 1

youghurt packaging 2

Jam and marmalade Packaging

Marmalade 1 

Marmalade 2 (1)


Matchsticks Packaging

Matchsticks 1

Matchsticks 2

Matchsticks 5

Matchsticks 4

Honey Packaging

Honey packaging 2

Honey packaging 1


Hand Lotion Packaging

hand Lotion packaging


Gum Packaging

Gum packaging 2

Gum packaging 1



Energy Drink Packaging

Energy drink packaging 1

Detergents Packaging

Detergent packaging 3

Detergent packaging 2

Detergent packaging 1


Cutlery Packaging

Cutlery packaging


Coconut Water Packaging

Coconut water packagin 1

Cigarette Packaging

Cigarettes packaging


Cheese Packaging

cheese packaging 1

cheese packaging 2

cheese packaging 3

CD and Floppy Disc Packaging

CD packaging 1

CD packaging 2



Meat Packaging 

Meat Freshness stikers 1
Meat Packaging with Freshness Stickers

Meat Freshness stikers 2Medicine Packaging

Medical pack

Pills packaging 0

Pills packaging 2

Pills packaging 1


Two -in- One Packaging

Pizza packaging 1

Pizza packaging 2

Pizza packaging 3 

Snacks Packaging

Snacks packaging 1

Snacks packaging 2







Sponge Packaging

Sponge packagin1


T-Shirts Packaging

T-shirts packaging 1

T-shirts packaging 2

T-shirts packaging 4

T-shirts packaging 5

T-shirts packaging 3

Towel Packagings

Towel packaging 2

Towel packaging 1

Water Resistant Watches

Water resitant watch packaging 0

Water resitant watch packaging 1

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source:- http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/clever-creative-packaging-designs/


What do you think of these Packaging designs and which one do you like the most? kindly comment below…

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