45 amazing soap designs you will love to put in your soap dish


Soap is important! We need it to keep our bodies clean. But what if they look quite delicious to you? Its hard for you to believe that these are actually soaps!  Just have a look onto these soaps and decide yourself.In this article you will see ‘Creative Soap Designs’ from all over the world.

Banana Soap
A realistic looking banana shaped soap.
Gadget Soaps
Here we got camera, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry soaps.




Soap Cake
“Almond scented goat’s milk soap cake. The icing is colored with natural caramel color and the fragrance is Bramble Berry’s Cinnamon Sugar.”
Denture Soap
Unusual soap designed to look like dentures.
Toothbrush Soap
Creative soap designed to look like a real toothbrush.
Telephone Soap:
Cool telephone shaped soap comes with removable receiver.
Microphone Soap:
Cool soap shaped like microphone; now you can sing when no one is looking.
Finger Soap
Unusual soap designed to look like realistic human fingers.
Lamp Soap
Cool lamp soap designed by Chloe Coulson.
Stapler Soap
Creative soap designed to look like stapler.
Puzzle Soap
Creative soap designed to look like the puzzle pieces.
Coffee Soap
Cool soap shaped like coffee beans.
Dark Chocolate Soap
Delicious looking soap shaped like chocolate.
Cookies Soap
Delicious looking soap shaped like cookies.
Lil Green Soap
Cool soap inspired from the classic Atari videogame.
Pizza Soap
Delicious looking soap shaped like pizza slice.
Cupcake Soap
It looks edible but its for your bath pleasures!
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Soap
Another one which looks delicious; it looks and smells like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Ice Cream Soap
Another creative soap in the form of an ice cream bar.
Lemon Soap
These creative soaps not only look like the fruit but also have the essence of the fruit inside!
Apple Soap
Apple Soap
Playstation Controller Soap
It’s a replica soap of a Playstation controller.
Soap Mouse
If you are among those who cant leave the computer peripherals behind even in the shower. “Double click your body to cleanliness with the soap mouse.”
With these ones you can wash your hands with hands.

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source:- amazingpunch.blogspot.in

What do you think of these soap designs and which one is your favourite? kindly comment below…



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  1. oh my god…. its hard to believe dat these r really soaps… n d last one was d best..lol:P xD

  2. Where can I buy them? What good is the article if no sources are listed?

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