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20 Amazing Rangoli Designs with Dots which help you to draw a perfect design


ganpati rangoli design

In this article, you’ll  see 20 beautiful rangoli designs. Using dots will help you to draw a perfect rangoli design quickly with no errors in shape and design. First make the dots with a chalk on the floor and use them to guide you to draw the curlicues and patterns. Fill the lines with coloured powders or […]

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Amazing! Magic created with the make-up

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Promise Tamang Phan

Promise Tamang Phan – The human chameleon: She transforms herself into any celebrity. She’s just a girl next door, until she puts on some makeup. With a few strokes of makeup brushes and intelligent conceptualization, 22-year-old Promise Tamang Phan from nepal can turn herself into any celebrity- be it actors angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson, singer Taylor Swift or legendary King […]

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Amazing Addiction of Watsapp Puzzles You Can’t Resist part-1

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WATSAPP – in today’s Smartphone era, Whatsapp is a platform for you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Whatapp is very addictive, hooked on to it, most of my time and I am sure of yours too is spent by chatting on Whatsapp. Apart from that Whatsapp puzzles are becoming popular day by […]

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