Amazing and creative staircase designs for your Home


spiral staircase

Why do we use a staircase? Obviously, for climbing up to an upper floor or getting down to a lower one. Silly question! And we are a generation of busy, lazy people! who prefers to use the elevator or the escalators (automaticstairs) as they minimize the time and effort. I know you often avoid clambering up […]

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Some most amazing and creative staircase designs around the world



Everyone prefers to use the elevator or the escalators over stairs. Have you ever thought of ditching your beloved elevator and take up the stairs? I guess no!! Staircases have not really been thought of as an attractive element and they are usually there just to satisfy the need. But with the development in technology, it […]

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24 Amazing and Unique Designer Clocks



If you are looking for some innovative wall clock or desk clock for your dull wall of your home and your boring office desk. Just have a look on these creative yet innovative clocks which can change the looks of the wall and can change the mood at your working hours while watching the hour […]

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