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Some Amazing and Unusual Body Piercings


unusual piercing

Body Piercing : – “Life is not worth without pain” though different people have different opinion towards it. Some people love to be in pain. Now a day’s body piercing has become one of the coolest status symbol among people. Earlier only females pierce their ear and nose, but now it has become more popular among […]

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Some Amazing and Weird Contact Lenses



Eyes are said to be the window of one’s soul. It helps to judge one’s positive or negative mood signs towards us. In present times one can change his eye color according to his feelings too, in simple words, by wearing a Cosmetic Eye Contact Lens. Cosmetic Eye Contact Lens grew popular because of colored […]

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Amazing illusions! your eyes can’t make them steady



Illusions force one’s brain into imagination that isn’t there in reality.  It gives a false idea. Illusions are of many kinds. We all in our lives came across with many illusions. In other words we all have grown up witnessing different illusions. In this article you are going to see some MOTION ILLUSIONS, which may […]

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40 weird yet Amazing and Ugly Cake Designs Beyond Your Imaginations



What comes to your mind when you hear the word CAKE? I guess it would be something sweet, soft, spongy full of caramel or cream. A sweet, lovely picture comes in mind. But what happens when this lovely picture turns to be something weird, scary, and intolerable.  Would you still eat it…?

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24 Amazing and Unique Designer Clocks



If you are looking for some innovative wall clock or desk clock for your dull wall of your home and your boring office desk. Just have a look on these creative yet innovative clocks which can change the looks of the wall and can change the mood at your working hours while watching the hour […]

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